How Much Does Polished Concrete Floor Cost

How much does polished concrete floor cost? It’s one of the most popular question you can find about concrete polishing.

Polished concrete cost is influenced in few factors. It is a popular choice for homeowners and businessmen alike. It’s very easy to maintain, durable, economical and easy to install. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and finish that will perfectly fit your home design. 

It provides a lot of benefits for the users and people around you since it’s not slippery to prevent common accidents at home. You can add mechanical polish whenever you want to have a glossy effect. The glossy effect doesn’t just fade right away, so there’s no need to keep on cleaning it. 

There’s almost nothing to pay for maintenance and it’s highly reflective, that it absorbs the heat, which makes it perfect during the winter season to keep your home warm. It can help reduce energy bills and save you money.

Also, it’s water-resistant so you can forget about molds.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Polished Concrete? 

On an average, polished concrete floor installation cost around $2000 for a 200 sq. ft. room, but it depends on the size of your room. The concrete cost is around $3-$6 per sq. ft. There are two things you need to consider the size of your room and the finish or style you want to apply.

Factors That Influence The Cost

1. Damages On Existing Concrete

The installer have to check your existing concrete floor for damages and it is required to repair or resurfacing. Depending on the design you wish to achieve. The concrete resurfacing can cost around $2-$3 per sq. ft.

2. Grinding Process

The grinding process will be determined depending on how glossy you want your flooring to look like. The more shiny or sparkly you want your flooring finish, the more time it would require for the grinder to achieve your desire.

3. Flooring Design

An overall cost will depend on the flooring design you wish to have. The more complex the pattern is, the more time they need to make sure that your requests are met.

Just to give you an idea with pricing. Plain polished flooring cost around $50-$65. For advanced colors, elaborate design, artistic patterns, faux finish, etc.

It all depends on how your polished concrete floor would look like. There is a wide range of finish that would surely catch your attention but if you are considering a budget, then you might want to choose the style wisely. You can always get a quote.