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Floor Preparation


floor preparation for concrete polishing

Since 2003, we have been providing homes in North Queensland with long-lasting, hard-wearing, polished concrete floors. Our experienced team members use the latest machinery and tools to give your floors that highly sought-after glossy finish. Before we do this, it’s crucial we complete all the necessary floor preparation steps to ensure we’re working on the cleanest, smoothest surface possible.

Our Floor Preparation Steps

We’ll assess your existing flooring and pull out any carpeting, tiles, glue and coating. Then we’ll take a look at the condition of the underlying concrete and repair and fill in any cracks and splits and check the concrete’s hardness. The harder the concrete, the higher the shine will be. If necessary, we’ll remove all skirting boards so that when it comes to the grinding, we can reach the very edges of the flooring.

A full concrete polishing consists of thousands of coatings with the grinder to give it that glossy, high shine. As the polished concrete is gradually ground down, we start to apply a finer grinder on each layer. All of our machines use a combination of diamond abrasives that prepare the floor for the final smoothing process. After this has been completed, we apply chemical hardener to the surface to assist in solidifying and densifying the concrete. This step is particularly important for creating long-lasting concrete flooring Cairns, Townsville and Atherton.

After each lap of grinding, we buff out the scratches and move to a finer grit level as we start to remove less material.

Speak To The Concrete Flooring Contractors For Surface Preparation

Advanced Concrete Polishing uses state-of-the-art equipment to give you long-lasting, low-maintenance, cost-effective floors, that of course look beautiful. We apply our exceptional attention to detail for all of our floor preparation Cairns projects across homes Atherton and Townsville. If you want to explore this option for your home, speak to us today. Call Daniel on 0400 794 163 or email him on

We are the best polishing concrete contractor Cairns, Atherton & Townsville.

We also provide resurfacing existing concrete, carpet floor removal, tile removal, vinyl removal, floor adhesives, floor paint services and polished concrete floor with our dustless grinding machine.

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