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Remodeling Your Floor In Townsville?

You can have advanced concrete flooring in Townsville, not only with reflooring or resurfacing but also for new installs or new construction.

People with old cement surfaces who still prefer concrete should consider reconcreting, which can save them a lot of money.

With advanced concrete floors, you not only have a more durable surface, but one that adds more value to your home. Plus, you don’t have to spend too much to get it.

What To Know About Modern Paints And Adhesives

The best paints and adhesives in the market today are what we call “smart.” These have features that let them adjust to things like temperature and type of surface or materials used. Using them in flooring installations though also require smarts, or professional experience.

Smart materials are more sensitive, but once you have pros handling these in a project you’ve contracted, you are assured that everything turns out in the best possible way.

The said paints and adhesives are among the major components to the best advanced concrete flooring process. Our professionals too are also required to have the proper certificates in handling these materials. Our results speak for themselves, and we are proud to say that all our pros are highly qualified to handle them in any project you may have.

What We Can Give You

In the Townsville area and areas around Cairns or the Atherton Tablelands, you have one company you can rely on for advanced concreting projects. Advanced Concrete Polishing is Husqvarna certified for any reconcreting or concrete project.

In addition, we can easily handle any of your floor adhesive or painting needs for floors. You can have this service independent of a concreting install. Which can actually work well when, for example, you have an old, but still even and useful concrete surface.

We make sure that your epoxy materials are the best and that the work is of high professional quality. So that you are able to extend the service life of old flooring and not spend too much. Plus, your home value may go up after the project.

Find out how you can have services and products in the floor adhesive range and concrete paint finishes by calling us at 0431 510 624 or email us through

Floor Adhesives and Paint in Townsville
Floor Adhesives and Paint in Townsville

The shiny, elegant, durable and environmentally friendly surfaces you see here use a lot of adhesives and paints mixed in.
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Floor Adhesives and Paint in Townsville
Floor Adhesives and Paint in Townsville

Our gallery mainly shows best results. These are not possible without advanced or what we call “smart” paints and adhesives, which are explained in the text above.

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