Providing homes in North Queensland with long-lasting, hard-wearing, polished concrete floors. (Daniel)
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QBCC License 15198338
QBCC License 15415279
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Epoxy Flooring Specialists

What Advanced Concrete Polishing Cairns Provides You

Whether you are an owner of a business establishment, commercial space, industrial facility or residence in and around the Cairns area, Advanced Polished Concrete is a home improvement or construction concrete contractors Cairns who provides the following qualities you will be hard put to find anywhere else:

Up to 10x higher strength and durability than any standard polished concrete floor from other contractors.

Maintains a high shine or gloss no matter the traffic and heavy wear the floor is put up to.

The safest, cleanest and most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly floor installation available today.

All of these are features of shiny flooring or reconcreting, repairs and new installations for your concrete floor surfaces, inside or outside your home, office, commercial space or manufacturing area.

Concrete Floor Installation Contractors Is Husqvarna Certified

What this means is the system, process – the means to give any client the best possible flooring preparation Cairns available anywhere today. The patented HiPERFLOOR process is something that polished concrete contractor crave to be certified for.

For North Queensland (and any other part of the state and even neighbouring states) we are the most trusted concrete floor installation contractors in terms of quality, service and overall excellent results who has the coveted Husqvarna certification for polished concrete installation, carpet removal Cairns, vinyl removal, dustless grinding, floor resurfacing, rejuvenating tired concrete Cairns and more.

Every facet of the grinding and concrete floor Cairns process is easily addressed by our system. Even the removal of hard to remove old tiles, grouting, adhesives, carpets and stuff. Or even providing a dustless grinding process for grinding (even as everyone knows that it is close to impossible to install this part of the home without generating dust.)

Find Us Cairns Polished Concrete Contractor

Contact us if you are planning on getting polished concrete Cairns or epoxy flooring Cairns, anywhere in North Queensland, Townsville and Atherton Tableland area.

For concrete flooring Cairns experts contact us today. Our number is 0400 794 163 or you can email We are the best concrete polishing contractor Cairns.

We also provide floor preparation, carpet floor removal, tile removal, vinyl removal, floor adhesives, floor paint, concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring. Get concrete polishing with our dustless grinding machine.

concrete polishing cairns include projects and areas that include bedrooms
a patio takes on a highly attractive aspect with concrete polishing cairns services

We use state of the art diamond concrete grinding technology to resurface concrete. Our dust-free methods and equipment are the safe, environmentally friendly
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a home living space done with concrete polishing cairns services
Cairns has concrete polishing cairns services available that applies to all areas around the house, including bedrooms

Browse through our gallery to see the latest concrete polishing Cairns projects. We have also done these for homes around Townsville and the Atherton Tablelands.

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