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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Experts For Cairns, Townsville And Atherton Tablelands

Are you considering resurfacing the floors of your home or workspace to a durable, non-slip material that requires low maintenance and lasts long periods of time? If so, concrete epoxy floor might be the solution for you. Here at Advanced Concrete Polishing, we specialise in the resurfacing and maintenance of all concrete flooring, utilising state of the art diamond grinding technology to install an epoxy floor Cairns, Townsville and Atherton Tablelands regions.

Whether you’re looking at installing concrete floor as a durable surface for a residential property or a long-lasting, slip resistant material for your industrial workshop or commercial retailer, you can trust Advanced Concrete Polishing to get the job done right for you. Get in touch to see how this flooring can benefit your flooring solutions in Cairns or Townsville today!

Why Choose Epoxy-Treated Or Epoxy Coating Floor?

Epoxy is a two-part liquid resin solution that cures to become a very hard plastic film when combined. When applied over a concrete surfaces, it creates a low-maintenance, non-slip surface suitable for workshops, garages, warehouses and storerooms. The flooring done with epoxy resins is highly resistant to oil, gasoline, bleach and transmission fluids, making it a viable flooring choice for the automotive industry. This floor is non-slip and also resistant to bacteria and germs and can be easily sanitised, which also makes it a perfect solution for resurfacing the floors of hospitals and medical clinics. We are the best epoxy resin flooring contractors, contact Advanced Concrete Polishing for your residential epoxy flooring needs.

As North Queensland’s only certified epoxy resin flooring contractors for resurfacing, Advanced Concrete Polishing is the most professional solution for all your epoxy floor needs including epoxy flooring in hospitals. Based in Cairns, we also serve the broader Townsville and Atherton Tablelands regions with epoxy, polished concrete and resurfacing for residential and commercial purposes. Contact Advanced Concrete Polishing for a quote today! We are the best epoxy flooring contractors Cairns, Townsville & Atherton.

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At Advanced Concrete Polishing, we are the domestic construction and renovation experts, serving epoxy floor Townsville, Atherton Tablelands and Cairns with premium quality polished floors and concrete resurfacing solutions. We get satisfaction out of every single job we take on, and as the only certified HiPERFLOOR contractor in North Queensland, we consider ourselves the professional choice for high-grade, durable floor coating. We use only the latest and best quality machinery, tooling and industry innovations to ensure that our clients receive the best results possible.

Whether you’re seeking epoxy flooring for your recently renovated Cairns property, healthcare facility, medical facilities, floor coverings, floor coating or an industrial resurfacing for your industrial garage in Townsville giving you the best flooring options. Advanced Concrete Polishing guarantee to go above and beyond to get the job done for you. Enquire today to see how it can suit your floor preparation, resurfacing, carpet floor removal, tile removal, vinyl removal, floor adhesives and polished concrete floor with our dustless grinding machine.

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